Friday, December 9, 2016

Think Outside the CD: 3 Simple Steps To Releasing Your Album on USB

Let’s face it: the game done changed. Nobody expects to pay for music anymore, and if you want
people to buy your stuff, you better offer them something great. So, unless you’re content with just your mom and Uncle Jimmy buying your new album, step it up. Offering the same old CD as every other band on the planet has become stale, but if you’re still interested in putting out a physical product in this digital world, there is an interesting hybrid: the USB thumb drive. By creating a unique packaging experience (while still providing music in a format that everyone can access), you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

3 Ways To Tell If A Music Company Is Scamming You

While there are many reputable companies and organizations in the music industry – in fact, the vast majority are on the up and up – there are a few that like to prey on the unaware. While I can't give specific names (and even if I could, there are likely ones that haven't hit the radar yet), here are three hallmarks to watch out for to know whether or not you're about to get scammed.

Monday, December 5, 2016

6 Ways To Make Music (And Make Money) Without Being A Performer

Performing is something musicians do, but not all musicians perform. For those of us musicians who don’t like to or choose not to perform, we can be confused about our musical identities. Should we even consider ourselves musicians? (Yes, a thousand times yes.) But we don’t actually do what musicians “do.”

Maybe you’re introverted and the idea of a crowd listening and judging something that is so personal to you is a major source of anxiety. Maybe you just really prefer sleeping regularly in a bed over touring in bus to play shows. Or you decided to choose the music degree that didn’t require you to play a yearly recital because that was just “not your style.”

Whatever your reasoning, it’s totally understandable. Not everyone wants to be Taylor Swift and sell out stadiums, but we definitely still want to involve some part of our life in making music and creating content. 
So what options are out there for those of us who are just not into taking the stage? Try these worthwhile musical pursuits.